Sugnall Jazz & Blues Festival

With Jazz and Blues in the air and the summer sun shining down on us, we’ve asked the Sugnall Chefs to cook up some ‘deep south’ inspired food for our guests at this year’s Jazz & Blues Festival.

So here’s flavour of “what’s goin’ be cookin’” down at the walled garden.

Becky’s Gourmet Grill Prices from £3.50
Becky's Barbecue at Sugnall Jazz & Blues Festival

Becky will be cooking off a menu from the following each day from midday to 9.30pm Saturday & Sunday and 6pm to 9.30pm on Friday.

• Deli Dogs
• King burgers
• Pulled pork
• Cajun chicken
• Vegetarian option of the day

Mary’s Deli Bar Prices from £10.50
Mary's Deli at Sugnall Jazz & Blues Festival

‘Help-yourself’ from the servery for £10.50 per plate or £12.50 for a large plate.

Serving fresh salads from the garden alongside couscous, bean salads and many others.

• Homemade Quiche’s
• Homemade Frittata
• Hand carved Smoked Turkey
• Hand Carved Ham and Pork joints

Sue’s Jambalaya Shack£9.50
Sue's Jambalaya at Sugnall Jazz & Blues Festival

Served each evening from 7pm to 9.30pm. £9.50 per bowl with focaccia and tortilla chips

Anyone who has been to one of our Gin Jamboree’s will know Sue’s Jambalaya well. Chicken, Chorizo, rice & peas topped off with fresh prawns and served from our massive Jambalaya dish straight from the hob.

When it’s gone it’s gone – so join the queue early! (available as vegetarian and also seafood free on request. Limited availability)

Fancy something more sophisticated? How about an Afternoon Tea for two or a Long Table Dinning experience for groups from 4 to 40.

Long Table Banquet PRE BOOKED ONLY

Our Long Table Banquet offers you and a group of friends a table in the soft fruits quadrant of the garden, overlooking the main stage for up to three hours, so you can eat, drink and still enjoy the show.

• Friday: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
• Saturday: 12noon to 3pm, 3pm to 6pm, and 6pm to 9pm
• Sunday: 12noon to 3pm, 3pm to 6pm, and 6pm to 9pm

To book your table call 01782 372224 or e-mail to book and select your menu from the following. All Long Table Banquet booking require a none refundable deposit of £10pp.

These informal menus are prepared fresh on-the-day and will be served to your table along with drinks.

Starter Platters

Charcuterie Sharing Board for two £14.50 per board
A delicious sharing board made up of Chorizo, Milano Salami, Prosciutto Ham, olives, sundried tomatoes, humus, breadsticks and a basket of Artisan bread

Fish & Seafood Sharing Board for Two £14.50 per board
Consisting of fresh Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Mackerel Pate a pot-of-Prawns, some homemade Thousand Islands, Tartare sauce and lemon wedges, breadsticks and Artisan bread

Mediterranean-Vegetarian Sharing Board for Two £14.50 per board
A fine selection of Mediterranean preserved vegetables including Artechoke, Olives, stuffed Pimentos, sundried Tomatoes served with Feta cheese, Humus, breadsticks and Artisan bread


Ham Platter £11.25 per person
Carved platter of local Ham served with bowls of French beans & new potatoes and a jug of Cumberland sauce

Smoked Turkey Platter £11.25 per person
Carved platter of lightly smoked Turkey served with bowls of French Beans & new potatoes and a rich cranberry sauce

Spinach & Feta Pie (V) £11.25 per person
Served warm or cold: fresh Spinach & Feta pie with Filo pastry served with bowls of French Beans & new Potatoes

Cheese Platters £4.50 per person
Great selection of English and French Farmhouse Cheeses, including blue and soft cheese served with biscuits and Artisan bread. Butter available on request


Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake£5.00 per person
Just enough sweetness and chocolatey-ness to round off the meal perfectly

Tiramisu£5.00 per person
Italian classic. Rich and chocolatey with that lovely hint of Marsala wine.

Margaret’s Afternoon Tea Prices from £12.50

Sugnall’s ‘must have’ indulgence. Served on ‘vintage’ China tea stands and with cups and plates from a fine era: sipping tea and listening to Jazz; what could be more civilised?

Afternoon Tea is offered on Saturday and Sunday only from 12noon until 4pm and is served in the Peach House and the Tearoom and must be pre-booked (a £10 per person none refundable deposit is required on booking).

Tables are booked for one hour from the following start times: 12noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

To book your table please call 01782 372224 or e-mail

Margaret’s Afternoon Tea is all freshly made on site and is offered in a ‘gluten-free’ option if required.

Margaret’s Afternoon Tea £12.50 per person
(Or £19.95 including a glass of Champagne)

It consists of:
• Pot of tea for one (or coffee)
• Scone with Margaret’s fruit preserve & clotted cream
• Selection of cakes

Selection of daintily cut sandwiches:
• Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
• Cucumber
• Cheese
• Egg Mayonnaise & Cress
• Ham & Mustard
• Served with Margaret’s chutney

For a list of ingredients and allergens please ask at the time of ordering.


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